Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spectacular Beach Holidays at Captivating Cape Town

It is a proven fact that the best way to celebrate and enjoy summer holidays for Londoners is to go for beach holidays at a spellbinding city to get the bonus and some extra adventure and to get the same, here we have one of the best and famous African city, Cape Town. The magnificent city of South Africa has many followers in UK that gets Cheap Flight Tickets to Cape Town from London every year to explore the natural beauty and get the adventure trip in this glorious city.

To give you a brief idea of what kind of fun and adventure is waiting for you in Cape Town, here we have come up with a list of best beaches in the metropolis where you can have an enormous amount of fun and thrill during summer holidays.

Best Beaches for Nostalgic Summer Holidays in Cape Town

Clifton Beach

This beach is among the finest and the winner of traveler choice award from many great travel forums for its magnificent natural beauty and charming adventures. At Cape Town central, this place has four separate beaches and all four are really famous as well has different specialties that are quite favorite for holidaymakers from around the globe. Try snorkeling, surfing, fishing and beach volleyball here which is the best to enjoy here.

Boulders Beach

Another marvelous beach and the winner of traveler choice award for attractive sites in the city of Cape Town where you will find this panoramic site which is quite soothing as well as naturally rich. Here you can stumble upon the penguins. Swim with the penguins and have the most joyful and zealous time with friends and family while having some great time relaxing on spongy and warm sand. Being a part of Table Mountain National Park, this place is a little protective for the floras and faunas around.

Camp’s Bay Beach

At Kloof Nek Road, this is a quite spectacular geographical formation that is really picturesque and has the charm to attract from a very long distance. This is among the special places in the city where people love to spend some quality and romantic time, admiring the natural beauty of beach and admirable view of coastline. The best part of this beach is its nightclubs that get active only during nights and gives a platform to voyagers partying hard. Being at the outskirts of the city, the place is not that much spoiled by the locals and has many natural essences to explore and soak.

Scarborough Beach

This is the best place to spend some lonely and relaxing time, while listening to the natural music of sea waves growling, birds chanting and admiring the real beauty of nature. This place is really magical and has this strange vibe that will drain all kinds of stress and worries out of your mind by itself. Being not much famous and under the protection of Table Mountain National Park’s protection, almost every natural essence here is just like the same and not tempered by human interference.

Bloubergstrand Beach

This is the most astounding and magical beach in entire city and quite close to Cape Town central from where, you can clearly watch the Table Mountain which seems really delightful and pleasant. The cool golden sand beach and magnificent view of coast is simply superb and has the quality to make you fall in love this place. Apart from that, the beach has a fun side too where you can have the blasting time enjoying various activities organized by different organizations.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Soak the Natural Beauty of Glamorous Ghanaian Capital Accra

The capital city of Ghana, Accra is certainly a natural rich place and a great tourist hot-spot for Londoners to spend some of the most memorable holidays in Africa and to soak the magnificent richness of this captivating city. Being on the coast, the city has many exquisite beaches and the obvious factor of Africa makes it quite refreshing and adorable natural beauty for which, loads of Londoners takes Cheap Flight Tickets to Accra from London every year and have the best holidays of all time.

Top Tourist Attractions in Accra

Bojo Beach

This is one of the best and famous sites of the city for holidaymakers in Accra and itself a landmark. This tropical sea coast has a great view of sunset and an admirable sandy beach that has many exquisite activities to participate including beach volleyball, sand art, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and much more. Apart from that, like every beach in Africa, Bojo beach also is livelier during nights by its dazzling and captivating parties.

Ada Foah Beach

A former Dutch trading port and one of the untouched beaches of Accra, Ada Foah is one of the best sites of the city where you can have the most admirable time with beloved to spend some quality and soothing moments looking the blessings of nature and soaking the refreshing essence of coast. There are many resorts here too for accommodation and you will find many vendors selling the required stuff like food, supplies, drinks and much more.

Labadi Beach

Another magnificent beach of the city and a great landmark which is locally known for weekend picnic spot is indeed a great place to hang-out with friends and have some great and blasting memories exploring and having participation in various adventurous activities. The beach is really famous for horseback riding and getting married near ocean spirits. You will be fondled by the attractive activities that will occupy you for a very long time.

Kakrobite Beach

This is a small fishing village at the city of Accra which is not that beautiful like contemporary beaches of Accra but has many fascinating features that are not at any other beach of this city. The real life of a fisherman, the raw and typical beach side and loads of people in search of their bread and butter is something that will not only give you the essence of natural versatility of Accra but also the real and traditional way of living in this African city.

Coco Beach

Coco is one of the hot favorite and the most dazzling restaurant of the city having the finest essence of natural richness of Ghana. Here you will find plethora of things to do and indulge at this beach and you can have a bonus of witnessing the best sunset of Accra from here where the soothing sun touches the coastal horizon and gives a golden impression over the sky and waves coming forth towards the beach.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Find Out the Deepest Secrets of Vietnamese History from Museums in Hanoi

Vietnam is a quite renowned country of Far East and boasts of many amazingly beautiful cities that are quite adventurous as well as interesting to explore and has been attracting holidaymakers of UK to take cheap flights to Hanoi from Birmingham of Etihad Airways and explore as well as take the pleasure of natural and cultural beauty of Vietnam. And to be specific for a perfect holiday destination for summer, Hanoi will be the perfect city to join for your holidays.

The city of Hanoi has witnessed many changes in society, climate, culture and lifestyle and has preserved every change in its magnificent vast range of museums which are scattered in the entire city. Here we bring the listing of Top 5 Museums in Hanoi with the help of Crystal Travel and Tours to dig in the past of Hanoi.

Top 5 Museums in Hanoi to Explore the Past and Culture

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

This museum is the one stop solution for your all question related with the culture and transformation of society in Hanoi. This place is a perfect place to explore the lifestyle, culture, transitions and changes happened in the past of Hanoi’s civilization with the help of various types of exhibition including handicrafts, arts, paintings, sculptures, belongings and many other ways. This huge area is also a research center as well as an institute to learn and explore about the deepest things situated with Hanoi’s past.

Vietnam Women’s Museum

It is true that all the good things comes in small packages and if you wish to dig in the transformation and other important aspects of Hanoi’s past, then this museum is perfect to be witnessed and it will not take more than a couple of hours of your time. The museum is at City center and has a small but effective section, describing the lifestyle, sacrifice and other important features of women’s transformation in Hanoi from mid era till now.

Vietnam Military History Museum

This is the place where you will find all the belongings of Great War of Vietnam at Dien Bien Phu Street including all the planning things and much more. This gigantic architecture is the proof of the struggle, planning and strategy made by defense to secure the grounds and skies. Here you will find plethora of military hardware in exhibition and can learn so much about the war happened in late 60s.

Fine Art Museum

This is an optimum place to learn about the fine arts and tradition that Vietnamese follows. The place has a three floored museum filled with many astonishing artifacts, sculptures and much more to explain the depth of fine arts Vietnamese has. Though it requires a little updation but still has plenty of interesting facts and exhibition to give you enough knowledge about Hanoi’s art.

Museum of Revolution

This might be a place where you will find bounty of interesting facts and figures related with the pre historical era, mid ear and transformation from 19th century till now. In this museum, you will find enough details about the past of Vietnam. All the pictures, artifacts and belongings are arranged here in chronological order and are well documented with description of each exhibition in three different languages i.e. Vietnamese, French and English.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Enjoy Hearty Holidays with Addis Ababa Sites

A fairly developed metropolis from Easter Africa, often referred as the capital of Africa, Addis Ababa is known for its great natural beauty and nice pace of development making it a hot spot for short holidays in this African region that you can visit via cheap flights to Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa has a pretty nice range of attractions, fairly enough to give you a nice time over a weekend.

Addis Ababa is a pretty nice city from Ethiopia, settled right in the heart of the country; Addis Ababa is serving the country as the capital. Having literal meaning 'New Flower', Addis Ababa is relatively new city on global Panorama, but this city is no less to any great city in the continent (thanks to varied landscapes and culture), resulting in large flocks of tourists visiting Addis Ababa. You can also visit Addis Ababa via from cheap tickets toAddis Ababa London that you can book from Crystal Travel and enjoy this Ethiopian epicenter over upcoming holidays.

Addis Ababa Sites

Adadi Mariam: Located in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Adadi Mariam basically a rock hewn church. Perhaps you'll be thinking where is adventure? You have to go through little hiking to reach this gorgeous (though a little untidy) and photogenic site, this pre historic site is one of those places where adventure and spirituality comes together.

Derg Monument: Not an adventurous place literally, but this place can remind you old soviet style in the city, Derg Monument is basically an obelisk made to remember tons of people killed by the former ruler of the country, Derg Monument is a nice place to kill a few hours while you can enjoy nice parks and fountains surrounding this monument.

Beza Entoto: Beza Entoto is basically a place where they run a workshop; Beza Entoto is being run by an NGO supporting lives of underprivileged HIV patients in the country. You can either take part in the workshop or help them to make handcrafted jewelry or buy these products and help the unfortunates, which is a very generous thing to do on holiday.

Lion Zoo: Lion Zoo is one of the most visited attractions in Addis Ababa, where you can enjoy a day while watching this magnificent and rare species in their natural reserve. Located near Russia Street in the city, Lion Zoo is known as one of the top rated attractions from Addis Ababa.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Best Delight for Starving Voyagers at Nigerian Capital Abuja

Though most of the African cities are carrying bad impression among voyagers by some rumors and cause of some excuses, but it never stopped the passionate holidaymakers to enjoy their vacations at the at some exciting and fun loving cities and for that people loves to visit at Nigerian capital Abuja which is like a treat to be in on holidays. People from around the world and especially British country takes cheapflights to Abuja from London have the best time ever in this mesmerizing city.

The city of Abuja is incredibly amazing and is a great holiday destination as well. Here you will find plenty of sites and adventure to enjoy your summer holidays with family, friends and beloveds and to extract a maximum amount of enjoyment you may ever get. The traditional city and the capital of Nigeria is surely has a versatility of cooking and pleasing outsiders by delicious food.  Here with the help of Crystal Travel and Tours, we have prepared a list of the best restaurant in the city service utmost delightful food.

Top 5 Restaurants in Abuja for Incredible Food


This is the most prominent restaurant in the city located at Aminu Kano Crescent where you can find some mesmerizing cuisines that are delight to enjoy in a ravishing and dazzling ambience and with elite gentry. Enjoy delicious Chicken Wings, Onion Rings and Kadhayi Paneer that are the signature dishes here and lick even after eating for a very long time. The prices of cuisines are little higher than usual restaurants but you can enjoy all the fun by taking cheap flights to Abuja from Manchester.


This restaurant is one of the most amazing and fascinating restaurant in the city for delicious African food located at Aminu Kano Crescent where you can taste and try out some of the magnificent cuisines came from traditional African kitchen. Try out Chicken Satay with peanut sauce which is the prominent dish of this restaurant that comes as quick as it gets ready. Other than that, the restaurant has a delightful range of Non-veg. cuisines that are good to go with traditional or classic drinks. Take all the best dishes without worrying about budget by getting Cheap Air Tickets.

Al Basha Palace

This is a nice and decent restaurant in the city located at Ghana Street where you can enjoy a nice element of Lebanese food with a special touch of Nigerian cooking. The food is excellent here and the seating area is quite adorable. You can spend a great deal of time here with family and friends tasting some of the delicious dishes of this restaurant such as, Brown Rice, Barbecue Lambs and Zaatar with Cheese.


This restaurant is one of the most famous African restaurants in the city located at Bangui Street where you can enjoy an enormous menu of traditional African cuisines made in the most traditional manner by professional chefs. The delight of appetizers is quite amazing here and you can start your meal with a bowl of Afang Soup and then can go for the signature Pounded Ham and Egusi for which, most of the foodies takes cheap tickets to Abuja from London to enjoy.

Da Maria

If you like to have Italian food and are looking for a best place to have pure Italian flavor and dishes in cheapest price, then go for Da Maria. This is an optimum place to find an exquisite range of delicious Italian food located at Wuse II. The taste of food here is top notch and the services are also quite flattering. You will enjoy your food which will be complementing the desired ambience of this restaurant.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bars and Coffee Shops in Abuja to Get Some Energy for Hangout

The musical city of Nigeria, Abuja is a spectacular city for vacations and is a perfect holiday destination where you can have the most relaxing time to spend with family and friends. This city is the home of many indescribable sites and hotspots that are great to visit and extremely amazing that you will remember rest of your life. Abuja has everything like sites, landscapes, restaurants, markets, bars, café and much more.

A vacation at Abuja is something that will give you a chance to understand and experience the most amazing and cultural city of Nigeria. Being the capital, this city is lush with everything and you will not be needed to run too far for such small things. Exacting nightlife and refreshing days that is what Abuja all about. Visit this wonderful city by taking cheap flights to Abuja from London Heathrow and enjoy the maximum out of it with family and friends.

Things You Should Know To Plan Your Abuja Holidays

Have splendid vacations with beloveds and enjoy a fascinating vacation while boozing out at spectacular bars and clubs of the city. Take your Abuja holiday packages from Crystal Travel and Tours to get unmatchable fares on Cheap Air Tickets to Abuja for Thai Airways Flights to uk and enjoy best flying experience and comfort.

Café and Bars in Abuja

Abuja has the most desired factor of a voyager and you will fall in love with this city by visiting just a couple of places. There are tons of attractions where you would like to go but it is also necessary to find some places to relax and enjoy. Take tickets to Abuja and witness the nightlife of the city at their cafes and bars.

The bars and cafes are spread all over the city and categorized by their covering area and the gentry. To visit and enjoy the most authentic drinks and beverages of the city you might need to save some extra money and for that you can go for cheap tickets to Abuja.

Ceddi Plaza

This place has the most famous and authentic bar in the city that serves the most amazing beverages and cocktails with special services. The price here are also reasonable and you can have here the utterly enjoyable time here.

Amber Lounge

One of the most amazing places to enjoy the nightlife in the city located at Central business district that has a huge range of cocktails and hard drinks and the gentry attends here is very authentic and high class. The prices of drinks and food here is very reasonable and affordable.

British Village

This is probably the place where you would love to go to enjoy the nightlife of the city and requires membership. Here you can visit with someone with the membership or pay some extra but it will worth to pay extra as this place has the most decent and authentic following of customers that visits here to enjoy the night especially during sports event like football and rugby matches.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Exclusively Captivating Holiday at Dar Es Salaam

One of the most desired things for vacations is to get rid from all the regular stuff and do something extraordinary and for that one should go for a fascinating city which can fulfill all the desires and wishes. You need a city where you can live your dreams and have the best time with beloveds while exploring new and adventurous things. All the fun and desire can be fulfilled at the magnificent country of Africa where you can go and live your dreams.

Dar Es Salaam from Tanzania is indeed among the most desired and a magical holiday destination to go for a mesmerizing and nostalgic vacation. The city compiles with everything you desire including beaches, museums, art galleries and much more. Apart from that, the city has an exclusive range of landscapes and landmarks to visit. Have a nice holiday at this wonderful city with Cheap Air Tickets to Dar Es Salaam.

Thing to Know Before Planning Holidays at Dar Es Salaam

Have the most amazing vacations at auspicious city of Dar Es Salaam with beloveds and enjoy the best time while admiring the dazzling sites and adventurous landscapes of the city. Take holiday packages for Dar Es Salaam from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers best deals on cheap flights to Dar Es salaam from London Heathrow, carried by Emirates Airlines Flights to get the best flying experience of all time.

Best Landscapes, Sites and Hotspots of Dar Es Salaam to Visit

Take cheap tickets to Dar Es Salaam from Manchester and enjoy the brilliant sites of the city to gather some memorable time with beloveds. Enjoy here the splendid sites of the city and explore many cultural things about the city during vacations. Here we have a list of some nice places in the city to go and enjoy the vacations at Tanzanian soil.

Mbudya Isle

This island is the most beautiful site of the city located at Off White Sands where you can spend the whole day admiring the beauty of mother nature and relax or can go for snorkeling, swimming, surfing or much more. You will find local peoples visiting here for picnic and enjoying beach volleyball, partying and dancing on the beach. The restaurants here are good for sea food including lobsters, fishes, pork and much more.

Village Museum 

This museum is the perfect place to explore the Tanzanian civilization located at Bagamoyo Road where you can find many reconstructed but look like habitats of mid ages. The 22 reconstructed houses are enough to understand the lifestyle, tradition, culture and way of living of natives. Do not forget to learn about the tales of historical people who are based around these houses are quite informative as well as entertaining.

Kunduchi Wet 'N' Wild Water Park

This is the best water park of the city located at Mtongani where you can go and spend some great adventurous time with beloveds enjoying many adventurous slides and rides as well as water sports. The park is lush with everything including astonishing rides, decent changing room, spectacular cafeteria, enough lockers and much more.


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