Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spectacular Beach Holidays at Captivating Cape Town

It is a proven fact that the best way to celebrate and enjoy summer holidays for Londoners is to go for beach holidays at a spellbinding city to get the bonus and some extra adventure and to get the same, here we have one of the best and famous African city, Cape Town. The magnificent city of South Africa has many followers in UK that gets Cheap Flight Tickets to Cape Town from London every year to explore the natural beauty and get the adventure trip in this glorious city.

To give you a brief idea of what kind of fun and adventure is waiting for you in Cape Town, here we have come up with a list of best beaches in the metropolis where you can have an enormous amount of fun and thrill during summer holidays.

Best Beaches for Nostalgic Summer Holidays in Cape Town

Clifton Beach

This beach is among the finest and the winner of traveler choice award from many great travel forums for its magnificent natural beauty and charming adventures. At Cape Town central, this place has four separate beaches and all four are really famous as well has different specialties that are quite favorite for holidaymakers from around the globe. Try snorkeling, surfing, fishing and beach volleyball here which is the best to enjoy here.

Boulders Beach

Another marvelous beach and the winner of traveler choice award for attractive sites in the city of Cape Town where you will find this panoramic site which is quite soothing as well as naturally rich. Here you can stumble upon the penguins. Swim with the penguins and have the most joyful and zealous time with friends and family while having some great time relaxing on spongy and warm sand. Being a part of Table Mountain National Park, this place is a little protective for the floras and faunas around.

Camp’s Bay Beach

At Kloof Nek Road, this is a quite spectacular geographical formation that is really picturesque and has the charm to attract from a very long distance. This is among the special places in the city where people love to spend some quality and romantic time, admiring the natural beauty of beach and admirable view of coastline. The best part of this beach is its nightclubs that get active only during nights and gives a platform to voyagers partying hard. Being at the outskirts of the city, the place is not that much spoiled by the locals and has many natural essences to explore and soak.

Scarborough Beach

This is the best place to spend some lonely and relaxing time, while listening to the natural music of sea waves growling, birds chanting and admiring the real beauty of nature. This place is really magical and has this strange vibe that will drain all kinds of stress and worries out of your mind by itself. Being not much famous and under the protection of Table Mountain National Park’s protection, almost every natural essence here is just like the same and not tempered by human interference.

Bloubergstrand Beach

This is the most astounding and magical beach in entire city and quite close to Cape Town central from where, you can clearly watch the Table Mountain which seems really delightful and pleasant. The cool golden sand beach and magnificent view of coast is simply superb and has the quality to make you fall in love this place. Apart from that, the beach has a fun side too where you can have the blasting time enjoying various activities organized by different organizations.

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