Thursday, 8 August 2013

Soak the Natural Beauty of Glamorous Ghanaian Capital Accra

The capital city of Ghana, Accra is certainly a natural rich place and a great tourist hot-spot for Londoners to spend some of the most memorable holidays in Africa and to soak the magnificent richness of this captivating city. Being on the coast, the city has many exquisite beaches and the obvious factor of Africa makes it quite refreshing and adorable natural beauty for which, loads of Londoners takes Cheap Flight Tickets to Accra from London every year and have the best holidays of all time.

Top Tourist Attractions in Accra

Bojo Beach

This is one of the best and famous sites of the city for holidaymakers in Accra and itself a landmark. This tropical sea coast has a great view of sunset and an admirable sandy beach that has many exquisite activities to participate including beach volleyball, sand art, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and much more. Apart from that, like every beach in Africa, Bojo beach also is livelier during nights by its dazzling and captivating parties.

Ada Foah Beach

A former Dutch trading port and one of the untouched beaches of Accra, Ada Foah is one of the best sites of the city where you can have the most admirable time with beloved to spend some quality and soothing moments looking the blessings of nature and soaking the refreshing essence of coast. There are many resorts here too for accommodation and you will find many vendors selling the required stuff like food, supplies, drinks and much more.

Labadi Beach

Another magnificent beach of the city and a great landmark which is locally known for weekend picnic spot is indeed a great place to hang-out with friends and have some great and blasting memories exploring and having participation in various adventurous activities. The beach is really famous for horseback riding and getting married near ocean spirits. You will be fondled by the attractive activities that will occupy you for a very long time.

Kakrobite Beach

This is a small fishing village at the city of Accra which is not that beautiful like contemporary beaches of Accra but has many fascinating features that are not at any other beach of this city. The real life of a fisherman, the raw and typical beach side and loads of people in search of their bread and butter is something that will not only give you the essence of natural versatility of Accra but also the real and traditional way of living in this African city.

Coco Beach

Coco is one of the hot favorite and the most dazzling restaurant of the city having the finest essence of natural richness of Ghana. Here you will find plethora of things to do and indulge at this beach and you can have a bonus of witnessing the best sunset of Accra from here where the soothing sun touches the coastal horizon and gives a golden impression over the sky and waves coming forth towards the beach.

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