Friday, 5 July 2013

Find Out the Deepest Secrets of Vietnamese History from Museums in Hanoi

Vietnam is a quite renowned country of Far East and boasts of many amazingly beautiful cities that are quite adventurous as well as interesting to explore and has been attracting holidaymakers of UK to take cheap flights to Hanoi from Birmingham of Etihad Airways and explore as well as take the pleasure of natural and cultural beauty of Vietnam. And to be specific for a perfect holiday destination for summer, Hanoi will be the perfect city to join for your holidays.

The city of Hanoi has witnessed many changes in society, climate, culture and lifestyle and has preserved every change in its magnificent vast range of museums which are scattered in the entire city. Here we bring the listing of Top 5 Museums in Hanoi with the help of Crystal Travel and Tours to dig in the past of Hanoi.

Top 5 Museums in Hanoi to Explore the Past and Culture

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

This museum is the one stop solution for your all question related with the culture and transformation of society in Hanoi. This place is a perfect place to explore the lifestyle, culture, transitions and changes happened in the past of Hanoi’s civilization with the help of various types of exhibition including handicrafts, arts, paintings, sculptures, belongings and many other ways. This huge area is also a research center as well as an institute to learn and explore about the deepest things situated with Hanoi’s past.

Vietnam Women’s Museum

It is true that all the good things comes in small packages and if you wish to dig in the transformation and other important aspects of Hanoi’s past, then this museum is perfect to be witnessed and it will not take more than a couple of hours of your time. The museum is at City center and has a small but effective section, describing the lifestyle, sacrifice and other important features of women’s transformation in Hanoi from mid era till now.

Vietnam Military History Museum

This is the place where you will find all the belongings of Great War of Vietnam at Dien Bien Phu Street including all the planning things and much more. This gigantic architecture is the proof of the struggle, planning and strategy made by defense to secure the grounds and skies. Here you will find plethora of military hardware in exhibition and can learn so much about the war happened in late 60s.

Fine Art Museum

This is an optimum place to learn about the fine arts and tradition that Vietnamese follows. The place has a three floored museum filled with many astonishing artifacts, sculptures and much more to explain the depth of fine arts Vietnamese has. Though it requires a little updation but still has plenty of interesting facts and exhibition to give you enough knowledge about Hanoi’s art.

Museum of Revolution

This might be a place where you will find bounty of interesting facts and figures related with the pre historical era, mid ear and transformation from 19th century till now. In this museum, you will find enough details about the past of Vietnam. All the pictures, artifacts and belongings are arranged here in chronological order and are well documented with description of each exhibition in three different languages i.e. Vietnamese, French and English.

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